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Amy Giust

"Amy Giust lets herself be led around by her paintbrush, and the destination seems a happy one.  Figures relax or move in a loose dance of shapes, shades and patterns that delight the eye and tickle the imagination."       
Sherry Lucas - The Clarion Ledger; Oct. 4, 1998

Amy's expressive style can bring reactions from a smile to a chuckle to the "I've been there".  She can take the most ordinary occurrence and turn it into a moment of total and personal intensity with a touch of joy in the highlights. 
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Sept. 14, 1952, Amy lives in Hattiesburg, MS.  She received her BA (Art/Psychology) in 1974, from Hope College, in Holland, Michigan and has continued to study both on the university level and through the occasional workshop or seminar.  Amy's personal style, at the same time both intuitive and bold, was originally inspired by the artwork of her own children.  "One of my art professors told me that the purpose of art is for 'off-loading the human spirit'.  I like that because it describes why children's art is so powerful.  As adults, we allow our judgmental ego to get in our way."
She particularly enjoys painting subjects that reflect optimism, humor and spirituality.  Amy enjoys the interplay of lines and shapes.  "Picasso was a great shape-maker and probably my favorite artist."  She also credits the influence of other artists who deal with shape and color, such as Matisse, the German painter Hundertwasser and Mississippian Lallah Perry.
Her paintings have won numerous awards in the past however she chooses now to concentrate on painting for herself and her patrons rather than the elusive ribbons.  Amy's works are included in the permanent collections of both the private and corporate sector, numerous institutions of higher learning around the U.S. as well as such diverse locations as the countries of Dubai, Australia and the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Lisbon, Portugal.
"For me, it's the idea of playfulness - that I don't have to treat everything the way reality treats it, I start with an idea and let the painting tell me where to go next."   - Amy Giust

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                        GA2870 "The Dance" 36"x48" on gallery wrapped canvas $2,200

                        GA2871 "Seated Figure" 30"x40" on gallery wrapped canvas $1,100

                        GA2854 "French Town" 36"x48" on gallery wrapped canvas $2,200

                        GA2872 "European Countryside" 7"x7" framed and matted to 13"x13" $165

                        GA2873 "European Village" 7"x7" framed and matted to 13"x13" $165

                        GA2874 "Front Porch Music" 7"x7" framed and matted to 13"x13" $165

                        GA2875 "Italy" 7"x7" framed and matted to 13"x13" $165

                        GA2876 "Summer Town" 7"x7" framed and matted to 13"x13" $165

                        GA2877 "Three Ladies" 8"x8" framed and matted to 9.5"x9.5" $90

                        GA2864 "Flowers on My Table" 5"x7" framed and matted to 9"x11" $90

                        GA2865 "First Up" 8"x10" framed and matted to 13"x16" $220


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