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Virginia Shirley

Each of us has experienced that special feeling when a particular location--at a precise moment--seems to have a special energy all its own. Maybe it's the sheer delight we feel when the light is perfect. Perhaps it's the way the wind makes the trees dance. Most of my work is about the experience of that moment in time, that special place that we want to take with us. In a world where our lives are increasingly faster it refreshes one to find that somewhere special we can feel centered, if only for an instant. That fleeting moment we say to ourselves, "I want to remember this always." I try to take that experience forward in a painting. I'm not trying to bring a special message to the world.
What I want is simply to re-experience those times when something moves me in ways that words alone cannot express, and if others may share that experience for what it means to them then I am happy enough. We all know how easy it is to forget to pause long enough to enjoy the little daily joys of tiny wondrous things that delight us just with the curve of their shape, or the way their color changes in sunlight, or the feeling of their rough surfaces when we press it against their face. Other times I want to bring home with me the open spaces we pass through, to create another window to a world filled with places that deserve another look.
Shirley says, " 'Venice to Taos' includes new work from travel during the last year to Italy, New Mexico and points in between, including several sites throughout Mississippi and along the Gulf coast.?
"These paintings are my way of capturing memories.  They help me to visualize scenes that caught my attention or that turned my head.  Some people grab a pencil and write down in their travel journals about places they visited and sights they've seen.  I guess my paintbrush is doing the same thing for me."
Virginia's award- winning artwork has been selected for exhibition in over twenty museums and commercial galleries, as well as numerous juried art competitions.  Two pieces of her work are included in the permanent collection of the Cottonlandia Museum in Greenwood, MS. She was one of three artists whose work was selected to represent the state of Mississippi by the American Consulate in Taiwan.  Virginia is a member of the Mississippi Art Colony, The Montgomery  (AL) Art Guild, the South Mississippi Art Association, and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.  She studied art at the University of Alabama, the Taos Institute of Arts in New Mexico, and under a grant program of The Alabama Council on the Arts.  She is a former executive director of the ArtsAlliance of Jackson (MS), and former program director of the Mississippi Arts Commission.

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                           SV520 "Beloved" oil on 24"x36" canvas $950

                           SV520 "Beloved" oil on 16"x20" canvas framed to 21.5"x 25.5" $540

                          SV519 "Tall Bouquet" oil on 16"x40" canvas $720

                           SV515 "Rowanoak" oil on 8"x10" canvas framed to 13"x15" $300

                           SV518 "The River" oil on 8"x10" canvas framed to 13.5"x15.5" $300

                           SV514 "The Grove" oil on 8"x10" canvas framed to 13"x15" $300

                           SV512 "Floral" oil on 8"x10" canvas framed to 13"x15" $300

                           SV511 "Ole Miss Game" oil on 8"x10" canvas framed to 13"x15" $300

                           SV516 "Autumn Drive" oil on 5"x7" canvas framed to 9"x11" $160

                           SV509 "Hydrangeas" oil on 5"x7" canvas framed to 10"x12" $160

                           SV463 "White Lillies"  oil on 36"x48" gallery wrapped canvas  $1,100

                           SV496 "Floral Vase"  oil on 24"x36" gallery wrapped canvas  $950

                        SV499 "Square Books"  oil on 16"x20" canvas framed to 21.5"x25.5" $540

                           SV494 "Taylor Grocery"  oil on 8"x10" canvas framed to 13.25"x15.25"  $300


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