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Frankie Buckley - watercolors/acrylics
Frankie Buckley , a native Mississippian, says art has been an important part of her life from an early age. Growing up in the countryside gave her the opportunity to observe nature. Her awareness of the beauty in nature resulted in an appreciation for the natural beauty found in the simple things in life.
 Sunrises, sunsets, seasonal landscapes, fruits, flowers, birds and her grandmother's collectibles are found in many of Frankie's paintings. She adds a mood with a touch of romanticism to these subjects. Frankie studied commercial art and worked in the commercial art field for several years. As the demand for her art grew, she decided to pursue a career as a fulltime professional artist.
Frankie has won numerous awards. During the Reagan administration, she was invited to hang one of her southern landscapes in the White House. Fourteen of her paintings were selected to hang in the Mississippi Pavilion at the World Fair in New Orleans.
Frankie and her husband, Tommy, began publishing her art in the late 1970's. A national distribution network was developed to make her art available throughout the United States and Canada. After fifteen years of owning and operating a retail art gallery and a custom frame shop, Frankie and Tommy closed daily retail to focus on the print distribution market.
Frankie's paintings are done primarily in watercolors and acrylics. She also uses oils, gouache and mixed media.
In 1997 Frankie and Tommy made a major move back to the "countryside" of Mississippi. They built a home, office, studio and frame shop on their country hillside. This move has provided Frankie with new appreciation for the beauty in nature. She has new inspiration to share her love of nature in her art. Flower gardening, bird watching, nature walks on wooded trails and sunsets reflecting in the fishpond has given Frankie a new excitement and passion to paint. Hopefully, her art will give others joy and an appreciation for the beauty found in the simple things in life.
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