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Susan Ingram - oils

Very much a realist, Susan is known for her interplay of light and dark as she paints the landscapes of Mississippi.
“I’ve traveled extensively,” says Susan, “but my favorite images are the beautiful landscapes right here at home.”
Susan works and lives in Northeast Jackson, teaching full time at Jackson Academy. She received her bachelor’s degree in art education from Mississippi University for Women and her graduate degree from Mississippi College. Like many moms she delayed the serious pursuit of her passion for painting until her children left the nest.
“When the youngest child left for school I converted her bedroom into a studio,” says Susan. “My life is full with three adult children and grandchildren but now I finally have time to paint.”
Susan’s work is often compared to the Mississippi painter, Greg Cartmell but she credits the Dutch Masters and Van Gogh as her inspiration. She paints in oils and creates a textured surface through the use of a palette knife. Her collectors say her images are so realistic they are completely transported just gazing at her work.


                   ISS731 "Cotton Field" - oils 24"x 36" Canvas framed to 31"x43"- $1,200   

                    ISS786 "Ocean Sunset" - oils 8"x 10" Gallery Wrapped Canvas- $200  

                    ISS772 "Delta Dawn" - oils 8"x 10" Canvas framed to 13.5"x15.5"- $260  

                    ISS774 "Cross" - Paper 8"x 10" - $70   

                    ISS775 "Cross" - Paper 5"x 7" - $40   

                    ISS776 "Cross" - Paper 5"x 7" - $40   

                    ISS777 "Angel" - Paper 5"x 7" - $40   

                    ISS778 "Cross" - Paper 5"x 7" - $40   

                    ISS779 "Angel" - Paper 4"x 4" - $25   

                    ISS770 "Angel" - Paper 5"x 7" - $40   

                   ISS763 "Cross" - Paper 5"x 7" - $40   

                   ISS757 "Lakeside" - oils 5"x 7" Canvas framed to 7.5"x9.5"- $160   

                   ISS760 "Cypress Swamp" - oils 5"x 7" Canvas framed to 7"x9"- $160   

                   ISS756 "Swamp Sunrise" - oils 8"x 10" Canvas framed to 14"x16"- $260   

                   ISS748 "Cardinals" - oils 11"x 14" Canvas framed to 16.5"x19.5"- $350   

                   ISS736 "Delta Cotton" - oils 11"x 14" Canvas framed to 16.75"x19.75"- $350   

                   ISS740 "Barn in Sunflowers" - oils 5"x 7" Canvas framed to 10.5"x12.5"- $160   

                   ISS726 "Cotton Field" - oils 5"x 7" Canvas framed to 10.5"x11.5"- $160  

                   ISS716 "Cypress" - oils 11"x14" Canvas framed to  19"x22"- $350           


















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