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Southern Breeze

Grace Buchanan

Her landscapes, many of the American South, still lifes and figurative works are filled with vibrant color and light and a strong sense of place.

Grace Buchanan’s love of art came early while growing up in Pickens, Mississippi in a large family, which included artists of several generations. "I felt the importance of art just by observing how older family members treasured it." As early as eleven she found art her favorite subject, and with family, visited the studio of noted Mississippi oil painter,  Marie A. Hull.

Buchanan was classically taught by Mrs. Hull's student, Alice Reilly of Jackson.  Other early studies included instructors Alan Flattmann of New Orleans, and  Delta colorist, Sammy Britt, where she found a love of plein air painting. 

Further studies followed, with many of the most recognized artists in America.  Buchanan refined her skills and became confident in her own style. "Art is a never ending learning and growing process", she says," the excitement is in the discovery."

Buchanan has been featured in publications, exhibited in local and regional shows and galleries and has taught workshops around Mississippi. She was named an Honored Artist in 2014 by the Mississippi Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Whether painting well known landmarks and subjects locally, or far from home, she wants to capture the beauty of the atmosphere and light as it affects objects". She works primarily in oils.


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                 BG158 "Early Spring Fields" - oils on 12"x16" board framed to 17.5"x21.5" $895

                 BG159 "On Break" - oils on 5"x7" canvas framed to 6.5"x8.5" $275

                 BG157 "Beach Time" - oils on 7"x5" canvas framed to 10"x8" $275

                 BG155 "Ebenezer Cash Store" - oils on 9"x12" canvas framed to 14.5"x17.5" $550

                 BG151 "Delta Landscape" - oils on 36"x48" canvas framed to 40"x52" $2,800

                 BG152 "Big Sky" - oils on 30"x40" canvas framed to 31.5"x41.5" $2,300

                 BG149 "Hot Cotton" - oils on 9"x12" canvas framed to 14.5"x17.5" $550

                 BG148 "Fall Cedars" - oils on 9"x12" canvas framed to 14.5"x17.5" $550

                 BG146 "Blue Front Cafe" - oils on 8"x10" canvas framed to 13.5"x15.5" $450

                 BG142 "Out Building" - oils on 9"x12" canvas framed to 13.5"x15.5" $450

                 BG141 "Mississippi Cotton" - oils on 30"x40" canvas framed to 35.5"x45.5" $2,300

                 BG140 "Sunflower Field" - oils on 20"x24" canvas framed to 55.5"x29.5" $1,700

                 BG131 "Morning Meadow" - oils on 9"x12" canvas framed to 16"x19" $550

                 BG128 "Sunflowers in a Confit Jar" - oils on 16"x20" canvas framed to 21.5"x25.5" $1,200

                 BG117 "Mississippi Cotton" - oils on 12"x24" canvas framed to 15"x27" $975

                 BG112 "Delta Cotton" - oils on 9"x12" canvas framed to 15"x18" $550

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