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Corinne Galla - painter

I took a long, long break from painting (only about 40 years!) and just resumed what has become my art career only a few years ago.

My return to art began when I joined a figure drawing open studio, and practiced with charcoal and pastel drawing the live figure. Little did I know this would foster in me a love for painting the face and figure - today I couldn't imagine not doing figurative work. I prefer to work in oils ( a much more malleable medium) and over time have developed the loose, free style that is my mark on the art world.

I recently moved to a remote area of central Georgia where I'm currently taming my 5 acres of wilderness raising chickens, veggies and lavender.

Oh, and a little more about me (!): I wish I had a good dancing partner, like to plink around on the piano and have made some very, very good artist friends (even out here in the middle of nowhere - there's art, ya know!).


                                   GC70 "Poppy" - oils on 21"x14" $340

                                   GC63 "Washi Washi" - oils on 21"x15" $345

                                   GC65 "Little Blue Barn" - oils on 15"x17" $305

                                   GC66 "Little Bit" - oils on 15"x18" $305

                                   GC67 "Grazin' 2" - oils on 22"x17" $405

                                   GC68 "Donkey Love" - oils on 14"x21" $345

                                   GC61 "J Lamb" - oils on 21"x14" $330

                                   GC62 "Pinky" - oils on 18"x15" $320


                                   GC41 "Almost Grown" - oils on on board framed to 16"x16" -$325





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