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Katherine Farrar

I paint primarily to create beauty and to express and relieve overflowing emotions in my life.  Secondly, I paint as a way to constantly improve and train my own perception of the world.  I enjoy the spontaneity of painting.  When a painting is going down the right course all of a sudden I am a faucet of color and light, spilling onto the canvas and regretfully sometimes on my floor.  I am fascinated by the movement of brushstrokes or sometimes the lack thereof that expresses feeling in a painting. 
My work begins with an acrylic idea, quickly brushed on a canvas.  I paint all at once.  Then, with a road map of hues and an overall sense of atmosphere; perhaps warm, perhaps cold, perhaps menacing, perhaps spiritual, I spread on my oils.  Sometimes as my mind works my hands build images that surprise even me, which is a good indicator that the journey has been successful.  My themes tend towards melodramatic and fantastic elements like voluptuous women and theatrical landscapes. When I paint, it is big and bold. Large and exciting. Heralding from Mississippi, my work is reflective of the steaming heat in summer, that first sensual sip of cool water, something to be savored, the essence of life.
My current work reflects my exploration of thick brushstrokes and juicy paint application to create a passionate gratification of the senses.  I am indulging my appetite for fullness of color and nurturing my desire for delightfully non contrived paintings that grow from my present experiences.

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                      FK62 "Paintin" - oil on 16"x20" gallery wrap canvas - $450

                      FK60 "Cold Season" - oil on 16"x20" gallery wrap canvas - $450

                      FK50 "Celery" - oil on 12"x12" gallery wrap canvas - $190

                      FK42 "Exposure" - oil on 10"x10" gallery wrap canvas - $140

                      FK38 "Rose Breasted Gross Beak" - oil on 10"x10" gallery wrap canvas - $120


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