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Anastasia Khabirova Musick and Vyacheslov Khabirov- oils

My artwork attempts to reconstruct the realistic depiction of motion that is observed in the “real world”. I strive to alter an all too common belief that art is a static image portraying one moment in time. Paintings, especially those created with oil, recreate a story and in many cases evoke emotion that far surpasses even the greatest novel.
Growing up in Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Germany, and Spain has exposed me to a wide variety of art and artist; however, the one thing that always remained constant was me watching my own father paint. My father’s artistic ability, the main reason we moved so many different places, entranced me when I was younger, for his realism made animals appear they were alive and fruits look attractive enough to eat. His works not only appear to capture the realistic nature of animals, humans, and landscapes, but they also are based in anatomical and physiological accuracy based upon research. Influences such as this have prompted me to create life on canvas that appears to capture motion and feeling-through such works I also hope to continue spreading my love for art, and to help people understand it is as dynamic as life itself.
My father has always been inspiration for me to paint and to achieve an education. I hoped that through training under him from the time I could consciously hold a paint brush, I might acquire the tools and techniques required to construct my own style of art. When I was just 8 years old my father enlisted my help to finish paintings when he had too many customers; however, this was just the beginning. My role went from casual help to long training sessions to learn how to paint like dad. After a several years of training and practice I received my first commission to create a painting, and for a girl of 11 years old, this was a monumental step in a future art career. My heart and soul where destined to paint, and I knew that I could never be happier than with brush in one hand, oil in the other, and a canvas in front of me.
“Have no fear of perfection – you will never reach it” - Salvador Dali




MKA010 "Crashing Wave" - oils on 39.5"x47" gallery wrapped canvas - $4,200.00

Name MKA09 "Florida Beach" - oils on 8x10 canvas framed to 11x13 - $400

MKA04 "Country River" - oils on 32x47.5  canvas framed to 38x54 - $2,600.00



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